8 Korean Celebrities Who Got Involved In Absurd Dating Rumors This Year

Some of these rumors started for bizarre reasons.

Korean celebrities are always getting involved in ridiculous dating rumors, and this year, there were plenty of celebrities who had to deal with this. Here’s a list of 8 Korean celebrities who got involved in absurd dating rumors this year.

1-2. Park Bo Young & Kim Hee Won

Park Bo Young
Kim Hee Won

These two got involved in a dating rumor after they were spotted at a cafe together.

They both quickly denied the rumors, saying that they were just good friends.

A dating rumor…? I feel so old now that I’ve been involved in a dating rumor.

This is not true. Hee Won sunbae-nim and I met on Hot Young Bloods and Collective Invention. We’re good friends and industry colleagues, though we have an age difference. We do meet up to eat, that part is true. We also drink tea too!!! And when we went to Youngdeok to have steamed crab, the director for Collective Invention came with us… Like… The three of us… T-T Since I don’t have an agency, it is harder for me to get press on these matters. But I thought I could at least clarify like this.

— Park Bo Young

I couldn’t just say, ‘We’re just a close sunbae and hoobae.’ I just felt like it sounded fake. So I just decided to say it’s false. What can I do if people don’t believe me? It’s the truth.

— Kim Hee Won

3-4. Jeon So Min & Oh Dong Min 

Jeon So Min
Oh Dong Min

Jeon So Min and Oh Dong Min got involved in some dating rumors after the two posted a series of photos on their Instagram accounts, where they looked extremely close and friendly.

Jeon So Min’s agency, King Kong by Starship, quickly denied the rumors.

The dating rumors are false. The two actors are just close friends.

— King Kong by Starship

5-6. Sung Hoon & Park Na Rae

Sung Hoon
Park Na Rae

Sung Hoon and Park Na Rae have an extremely close friendship, and there have been many moments where they have shown how close they are. There was even a moment where Sung Hoon gave a hug to Park Na Rae after she won an award and was emotional.

Sung Hoon’s kind action sparked some dating rumors. However, Sung Hoon denied the rumors.

7-8. Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin

Song Hye Kyo | @suecommabonnie/Instagram
Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo were castmates on the K-Drama Worlds Within and began dating in 2008. However, the couple ended up splitting in 2011 due to their busy schedules.

In 2020, some rumors began spreading that the two got back together. A Chinese portal site by the name of NetEase posted a photo taken from Instagram that showed two shadowy figures, which netizens believed were Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. There were even some rumors spread that the two bought a house together.

Hyun Bin’s agency, VAST Entertainment, quickly released a statement and denied the rumors.

The rumors that are coming from China about Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo dating again are groundless.

— VAST Entertainment