8 K-Pop Music Videos That Are So Moving They May As Well Damn Be Movies

These music videos will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

1. Kim Ji Eun “Yesterday is Different from Today”

A dramatic music video that shows the tragic story of a couple who gets into a car accident. The female character does her best to help her lover break free from the seatbelt inside the tipped over car but is not able to save him in the end.


2. Huh Gak “I Told You I Wanna Die”

The continuation of the story in Huh Gak’s “Hello” music video, which is about two friends who fall in love with a girl that was trying to commit suicide.


3. JYJ “In Heaven”

A man is tragically left with regrets as he chooses work over his girlfriend. But he’s given a second chance to save her life when he wakes up to find he’s given a 2nd chance to make the right decision.


4. BIGBANG “Haru Haru”

When the girlfriend leaves her boyfriend, the boyfriend hates her. But there’s always more than meets the eye. He belated finds out the true reason why she chose to break up with him.


5. Taeyang “Wedding Dress”

Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” tells the story of a heartbreaking love triangle between three good friends. Taeyang is left to look upon his two best friends’ wedding when he actually was in love with the girl along as well.


6. Park Bom “You and I”

A touching story of the struggles and precious moments of a girl and her ill boyfriend. She does everything she can to cheer him up, but the boyfriend struggles to escape the reality of his illness.


7. JIN “Gone”

A sweet and touching story about a girl who cannot see and a boy with a heart condition. The two find solace and happiness together through the magic of music and piano.


8. Epik High “Spoiler” + “Happen Ending”

A music video that shows realistic aspects of a relationship from the passionate beginning to a regretful end as it connects the song “Spoiler” to “Happen Ending”.