8 Legendary Solo Fancams That Many K-Pop Fans Recognize

They caused quite a stir.

Solo fancams are a great way to watch a specific idol perform on stage, and sometimes they even go viral! The following fancams have become so popular in the K-Pop community that most people have probably seen at least one of them.

Check them out below!

1.  April’s Naeun

Naeun‘s “Oh! my mistake” performance at M Countdown boosted her popularity in the industry. She became famous for her top-notch visuals and natural elegance.

2. TWICE’s Sana

Sana‘s “LIKEY” fancam at Music Core‘s ULSAN Summer Festival may be her most popular one to date. You might find yourself replaying it too many times to count!

3. BTS’s V

V‘s most recognized fancam is arguably his “Boy With Luv” performance at M Countdown. As the king of facial expressions, it’s no wonder his presence on stage is so strong.

4. Miss A’s Suzy

This “Love Song” fancam of former Miss A member Suzy drove fans wild. It highlighted her beauty and charisma on stage.

5. ITZY’s Yuna

Yuna‘s performance of “DALLA DALLA” at M Countdown made her the talk of the town for a long time after. Her stage presence is so powerful that it’s hard to keep your eyes off her!


Rosé‘s fancam of “Kill This Love” at Coachella is popular for a reason! She absolutely owned the stage with her powerful vocals and incredible beauty.

7. EXID’s Hani – UP&DOWN

It’s been said that this fancam of EXID‘s Hani performing “UP&DOWN” was what saved the group from disbandment. It made her instantly popularity in the industry, and she was a hot topic for months to come.

8. BTS’s Jimin

Last but not the least, Jimin‘s fancam of SHINHWA‘s “Perfect Man” is legendary. There’s no way you can watch this and not be enthralled by his performance!