These 8 Moments When BTS Made Fun Of Jimin For Being Sexy Will Never Not Be Funny

Suga’s savage side came out at #5.

BTS‘s Jimin loves ARMYs so much that he’s willing to be the subject of the group’s teasing every time he acts sexy for the fans.

Here are eight moments when BTS playfully bullied the group’s mochi for being sexy AF.

1. When the boys couldn’t get over his performance during MAMA

Suga even imitates him as the whole group watches his performance.

Jungkook followed suit in the imitation, resulting to Jimin hiding his face from the camera.

2. When he “accidentally” made million ARMYs suffer

It seems like the members are familiar with the term that ARMYs use to describe Jimin — he says he’s not the old mochi anymore!

The whole group let out an “ah!” in unison in response to Jimin’s bare shoulder.

Jimin could only give his cutest smile as he sheepishly said that it was an “accident”.

3. Ab-flashing changed Jimin

At first, he was hesitant about showing his abs every time they performed “No More Dream”.

But after a while, he got used to doing it that making flirty faces in front of the mirror became a habit.

4. When Jin wanted to tell the truth, but he didn’t want to

In the hopes of maintaining his sexy image, Jimin used to ask Jin if he was gaining weight.

Here’s what Jin had to say about that.

5. Sorry, Jimin, Savage Suga came out to play

He didn’t hold back, much to Jimin’s chagrin.

6. What would J-Hope want his part to be?

The resemblance is uncanny.

7. When V didn’t want to pay attention to him

Jimin talked about how his hand bruised up a lot during shooting the music video for “Fire”, maybe because he was busy showing off his sexy charms…

…but just brushed him off and wanted to resume playing the MV.

Just when he thought V was finally going to show his concern for him, Jimin was shocked when V started to talk about his hair.

8. He crazy, yo

You know you’re close friends with someone when all they care about is embarrassing you on camera, after all.

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