8 Outfits Jeon Somi Pulled Off That Will Make Her Your New Style Icon

Somi knows how to keep it classy!

Jeon Somi is probably one of the top female idols right now whom many people admire, which means that lots of eyes are on her. The pressure to dress up well and look good is heavy, but Somi does it so well! She knows how to give it a good mix between formal and casual.

Here are 8 outfits Jeon Somi wore that will make her your new style icon.

1. Knee high boots is the key point.

Somi looked absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! The coat and the knee high boots she was wearing gives her a Parisian girl vibe!

2. From Casual…

Somi shows that she can still look put together in such a simple outfit!

3. To Classy!

She heads for a more classy look as she wears a navy blue printed dress and accessorized with a simple yet elegant white purse that goes well with her outfit!

4. Navy blue!

Somi tries a more boyish look with a navy blue top paired with a denim cap!

5. Zip up for the cold weather!

Somi knows how to warm up in a stylish way during the cold! She was seen wearing a brown patterned jacket with some black tights and black sneakers!

6. You can never go wrong with black!

Somi opts for a more simple outfit yet remaining elegant in a plain black top paired with denim pants and white boots!

7. Girl next door vibes!

Somi looks adorable in a white top and denim shorts! She also wore a pink denim jacket to give her outfit more color!

8. Loose fashion!

Somi looks extremely cool in this outfit wherein she’s wearing a matching bottom and top with some stiletto heels and her sunglasses, just the right amount of mix of comfort and style!