8 Songs You Need To Hear Before NU’EST’s Comeback As A Full Group

These should never be forgotten.

The appearances of JR, Ren, Baekho, and Minhyun on season 2 of Mnet‘s Produce 101 gained a lot of attention for the NU’EST members. They’ve received so much love that they’ve won their first music show award and held sold out concerts. But, this means there are many new fans who haven’t heard some of their best songs.


1. Action

This song is about breaking free, embracing individuality, and not being afraid of sharing yourself with the world. The strong sound will give you the courage to do just that.

2. Overcome

The members took on the concept of being knights that will always protect their queen no matter the circumstance. Minhyun suffered an allergic reaction to the fake snow (salt) while filming, so it should be appreciated solely for that if nothing else. And, Ren made a reappearance with long hair.

3. Beautiful Ghost

NU’EST sings about a lover that is as elusive as a ghost. With guitar and fitting sound effects, the song is taken to another level that’s interesting to hear.

4. Love Paint

All of the members contributed lyrics to the song and that makes it all the more beautiful. The lyrics are symbolism for how the love of two people combine to create a beautiful, colorful painting. How poetic is that?

5. Love Without Love

This song is on the darker side, with a man trying to get the attention of his lover through bad actions. He’s trying to stay by her side, even if he has to do something drastic. But, she doesn’t seem to care at all.

6. Sleep Talking

Vibrant and upbeat, this song is about how hard it is to confess to someone you like. It’s easy in dreams but not so much in reality.


This is an adorable song about accepting a girlfriend even if she’s late for dates or gets irritated by little things. In fact, those things make her even cuter.

8. Good Bye Bye

For this particular song, AOMG‘s Cha Cha Malone participated in production. There’s a lot of hidden meanings in this video but it’s essentially about moving on and evolving. Also, JR eats a fish but not really. That’s dedication.

These are just a few important NU’EST songs to check out before their next full comeback. You may find a new favorite.