8 Times MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Expresses Her Love For Her Members By Kissing Them

Sometimes, Hwasa just kisses them on the hand. In some cases, though, #8 happens and everyone’s super shocked.

MAMAMOO is well-known as a group whose members fiercely love one another. Sometimes, this love can be in the form of tight group hugs.

When they’re feeling a bit more playful, the members may also show their love by stacking on top of each other while performing on stage.

The group’s maknaeHwasa, has another idea for expressing her love for her fellow members: in the form of kissing, of course.

Here are eight times when MAMAMOO’s Hwasa kissed her members to show them how much they mean to her.

1. Group hug with a twist

SolarMoonbyul and Wheein thought that the group would just hug each other, but Hwasa figured, “why stop there?” so she playfully gave their lead rapper a hearty kiss.

2. Nothing to see here

Oh, it’s just Hwasa casually kissing Wheein’s neck while they’re promoting their album during a live broadcast. Just the usual things, there’s nothing new here at all.

3. Moonbyul didn’t stand a chance

Just when Moonbyul thought she’d finally get her revenge, Hwasa ups the ante and challenges her.

4. Consent is important, after all

This time, Hwasa asked Wheein if she could kiss her, because, you know, consent is extremely important before engaging in extreme skinship, after all.

5. It’s a girl-kiss-girl world out there

It’s like watching a predator study its prey before “attacking”.

6. This is such a cute gesture of friendship

Hwasa shows Wheein how much she adores her by kissing her hand — this usually symbolizes admiration and respect for the person you cherish.

7. Um, Oh, Ah, Yeah…?

Just when you thought Hwasa would stop kissing her best friend’s forehead, she even licked it to prove a point.

8. This iconic scene

Who could ever forget this moment when Hwasa chose to kiss Solar who was blindfolded?

She was so proud after doing it while Solar was extremely flustered.

Here’s to more friendship kisses in the future between Hwasa and the MAMAMOO members. Cheers!