8 Touching Moments When BTS Jungkook’s Overprotective Side Came Out With V

Jungkook may be the maknae, but he sure knows how to take care of his hyung!

The friendship between BTS‘s and Jungkook is definitely interesting.

Both of them have opposite personalities, with V being an extrovert who loves the company of other people…

…and Jungkook being an introvert who prefers to recharge by himself sometimes.

Even though this is the case, though, there’s no denying that the bond between the duo is strong.

What’s adorable about their interactions is that Jungkook may be the youngest in the group, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t like taking care of his hyung, right?

Here are eight touching moments when Jungkook’s protective side came out while taking care of V.

1. Holding the water bottle for V

While V was busy cooking, Jungkook took the initiative to open a water bottle and hold it up so that V can cook and hydrate at the same time.

2. Jungkook gently covering V’s chest…

…so that it doesn’t get hurt by the noodle’s hot water, or so that V won’t be a victim of accidental exposure.

3. Using V as his “backpack”

It may look like a simple gesture of affection for his friend, but using V as his “backpack” helps make sure that the two of them can stick together during chaotic times at the airport.

4. Complimenting V’s song and saying that it always “heals” him and gives him strength

5. Dusting off V’s pants for him

Jungkook made sure to be extra careful in removing the dirt from V’s pants.

6. Allowing V to rest on him

Meet Jungkook, V’s personal bed-slash-body mattress.

7. Doing a love shot with each other

This isn’t limited to only couples, after all, as good friends can do it, too.

8. Gently rubbing V’s back and telling him that he’s already passionate

When V mentioned in an interview that he wanted to be “more passionate”, Jungkook comforted him and told him that he’s already passionate enough.

It’s extremely adorable to see the interactions between the two!