These 9 Cute Moments That Prove Just How Close MAMAMOO Is With MooMoos Will Make You Wish You Were In Korea, Too

Moonbyul trusts MooMoos so much that she lets them do #7 to her.

The bond that MAMAMOO has with their MooMoos isn’t just a typical relationship between K-Pop idols and their fans.

No, it’s a closer type of relationship which includes trust, support and of course, respect for their boundaries — maybe that’s why the girls are comfortable in interacting with their fans as their close friends?

Here are nine cute moments of wholesome interaction between MAMAMOO and their lovely, supportive fans who loyally stand by them.

1. Out-greasing Moonbyul

If you thought the fan just asked Moonbyul if she has eaten already…

…then you’re wrong. She took it a step further and added this greasy statement, which made Moonbyul chuckle.

2. Directly giving gifts to MooMoos

MAMAMOO has been giving gifts to their fans ever since they debuted.

And of course, they still continue this tradition up to now.

3. Taking their group photo within the group

Unlike the usual group photos where the idols are just seen posing in front, MAMAMOO actually trusts their fans so they’re not afraid to mingle within the crowd to get their picture taken.

4. Look at what this fan told Wheein

Wheein thought she actually dropped something, but then her fan bravely said this:

That MooMoo saw an opportunity and she grabbed it — and honestly, who can blame her?

5. MooMoos are so spoiled and they’re thankful for it

6. The look of pure concern in her eyes

Remember that fan-signing event when a MooMoo cried while meeting MAMAMOO?

Moonbyul gave her tissues and even hugged her to comfort her — like a true friend would.

7. Friends let friends do their hair

And she doesn’t do it just once, too.

8. Such wholesome admiration

Moonbyul and Solar responded to this MooMoo’s playful flirtation with imaginary guns.

9. MAMAMOO makes sure to remember their MooMoos

There was a particular MooMoo who shouts loudly at every MAMAMOO performance.

The girls spotted the same fan at their event in Jeju — and promised to come to her during their next performance.

Of course, the members fulfilled their promise and approached the fan who couldn’t stop crying.

MooMoos are lucky to have nice and friendly idols like MAMAMOO. The group’s fortunate, too, for having such loyal and respectful fans who treat them as good friends.