9 Ethnically Mixed Celebrities Who Were Bullied In The Past

They shouldn’t have ever had to go through any of this.

While there are plenty of ethnically mixed artists in Korea now who are met with love, this wasn’t the case in the past. These 9 ethnically mixed celebrities were the victims of bullying in the past, as people would bother them for being mixed.

1. Somi

Somi was born to a Dutch Candian father and a South Korean mother. Somi has tearfully revealed in past interviews that she was bullied in her early childhood due to her facial features.

2. Yoon Mi Rae

Yoon Mi Rae was born to an African-American and a South Korean mother. While Yoon Mi Rae was born in the United States, her family moved to South Korea during her childhood. She was often bullied by her classmates due to being biracial.

3. Kangnam

Kangnam was born to a Japanese father and a South Korea mother. Kangnam spent a lot of his childhood in Japan, but he was also bullied during this time. Students would physically hurt him for being half-Korean, such as pulling his hair. Even when he moved to Korea, he was still a victim of bullying, as students bullied him for having lived in Japan.

4. Lee Yoo Jin

Lee Yoo Jin was born to a Hispanic-American father and a South Korean mother. Lee Yoo Jin didn’t even want to reveal that she was biracial, as she was constantly afraid that she would be discriminated against. She eventually told the truth once fans started making speculation about her.

5. Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee was born to an African-American father and a South Korean mother. While growing up in South Korea, Michelle Lee was the victim of constant bullying due to her being biracial. She even dedicated a lot of her songs to her experiences of being bullied.

6. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Vernon was born to an American mother and a South Korean father. Vernon was usually made to feel like an outsider, as people would bother him about his facial features. Vernon would also become uncomfortable when people would constantly stare at him, as people would notice that Vernon was biracial.

7. Insooni

Insooni was born to an African-American father and a South Korean mother. Her childhood was an extremely difficult one, as people weren’t willing to accept her due to her mixed heritage. Other people even bullied her into thinking that she was a “dirty” person.

8. Kim Deanna

Kim Deanna was born to an Irish-American father and a South Korean mother. She experienced multiple hardships during her early life in Korea, as people would put labels on her, and make rude comments about her facial features.

9. Shannon

Shannon was born to a Welsh father and a South Korean mother. Despite her mother being Korean, people would constantly label her as a foreigner. Also, she once sang the Korean national anthem at a baseball game but was criticized by online haters about her being a foreigner.