9 Korean Celebrities Whose Official Instagram Accounts Are Surprisingly Unverified

Here are the accounts that still need the blue checkmark!

With a global fanbase that is steadily growing, the best way for Korean celebrities to interact with the most fans is through social media. Many celebrities have their own personal accounts in addition to professional accounts geared towards their promotions.

With such a wide and devoted fanbase, there are often accounts dedicated to Korean celebrities that act as fan accounts. This can sometimes make it difficult to decipher which accounts legitimately belong to the celebrity. The best way to know you’re following your favorite celeb is to see the blue checkmark next to their name.

Here are nine Korean celebrities whose official Instagram accounts are surprisingly unverified.

1. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri | @kwonyuri_official/Instagram

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has two Instagram accounts. Her personal account, @yulyulk, was created in 2013 and has long been verified.

She created an official Instagram account this year which has yet to be verified. On her official account, @kwonyuri_official, she has been posting headshots and photos related to her promotions as an actress and singer.

2. TEEN TOP’s Niel

TEEN TOP’s Niel | @i_know_niel/Instagram

TEEN TOP‘s Niel created his first personal Instagram account in early 2015 before the entire group deleted their personal profiles in July of that year.

Niel opened a new Instagram profile in April of this year that has yet to be verified. His posts are pictures of his daily life, photos with his fellow TEEN TOP members, and selfies.

3. Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong | @limyoungwoong.official/Instagram

Lim Young Woong is a ballad singer who debuted in August 2016. In 2020, he won the competition show Mr. Trot and has achieved major success in Korea.

He has two Instagram accounts, his personal account (@im_hero____) and his official account (@limyoungwoong.official). While his personal account has received the blue checkmark, his official account is currently unverified.

4. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_official/Instagram

Actress Kim Tae Ri has seen significant success domestically and internationally with her skilled acting in hit Korean films and dramas such as The Handmaiden and Twenty Five Twenty One.

Kim Tae Ri’s personal Instagram account (@kimtaeri_official) is followed by over 2 million people, including her Twenty Five Twenty One co-star, WJSN‘s Bona. Despite her huge following, her account is currently unverified.

5. Jo Yuri

Jo Yuri | @zo__glasss/Instagram

Soloist and former IZ*ONE member Jo Yuri also has two Instagram accounts. In her case, her official account (@joyuri_offcl) is verified, but her personal account (@zo__glasss) is currently unverified.

6. Sunmi

Sunmi | @official_sunmi/Instagram

Sunmi also has two Instagram accounts. Her personal account (@miyayeah) is verified, but her newly created professional account (@official_sunmi) is currently not.

7. NCT DREAM’s Jeno

NCT DREAM’s Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno is the latest NCT member to create his own Instagram account. His account was created on August 17 and already has over 3 million followers.

The account’s recent creation is likely why it has yet to be verified.

8. Highlight

(From left to right) Highlight’s Dongwoon, Kikwang, Doojoon, and Yoseob | @highlight_auent/Instagram

While the individual members of Highlight (formerly known as BEAST) have verified accounts, their official account, where they share photos with fans, is currently not verified. 

9. Kep1er

(Back row, left to right) Kep1er’s Youngeun, Yeseo, Hikaru, Dayeon, Chaehyun, and Xiaoting (Front row, left to right) Mashiro, Huening Bahiyyih, and Yujin | @official.kep1er/Instagram

Kep1er is another group whose Instagram account is not verified. Their account was opened at the end of last year, so hopefully, they’ll receive their blue checkmark soon!