9 K-Pop Idols Who Have Been Skinny-Shamed In The Past By Netizens

Numbers 1 and 6 were criticized quite harshly.

Some netizens are critical about the weight of K-Pop idols, as plenty of idols have been criticized for being “overweight“. Idols have also gotten criticized by certain netizens if they are too skinny. Here are a couple of K-Pop idols who have been wrongfully skinny-shamed in the past by certain netizens.

1. Jimin (AOA)

Jimin recently posted a picture of herself wearing a one-piece swimsuit on her Instagram.

Source: jiminbaby_18/Instagram

While many fans were delighted to see Jimin enjoying herself, some netizens criticized her for her thin figure.

“Elementary schooler”

“Maybe it’s cause she’s a skeleton but I feel nothing from looking at her… Her body’s hard to look at that it’s not even worth getting judged”

“I hate her whiny voice when she raps. Her body’s like a 3rd grader’s too”

“How can a female idol look so unsexy in a swimsuit photo? She’s not cute and she’s not pretty”

“Is she really a celebrity?… She has no curves at all…”

“What is this elementary school kid doing with her kid’s swimsuit”

— K-Netizens

2. Jamie Park

Jamie Park has lost a tremendous amount of weight throughout her career. She once posted pictures showing off her progress, but some netizens criticized her for her new appearance.

3. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

When G-Dragon decided to share a couple of pictures of his physique, some netizens decide to leave some malicious comments about his figure, such as saying, “Where are the muscles? Do not take your clothes off for a while”. 

4. Luna [f(x)]

In the past, Luna would frequently post photos of herself showing off her toned body, which was the result of exercising and dieting. This caused some netizens to criticize her, as they thought she shouldn’t be dieting due to being a feminist.

5. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Yoona has always struggled with gaining weight and has had a thin figure for most of her career. Some netizens have shamed her in the past, with many calling her an anorexic.

6. Daehwi (AB6IX)

In the past, Daehwi revealed that he weighed 51.5kg (113.5lbs) and that his waist was 17-20 inches. Some netizens decided to shame Daehwi once he revealed this information, as they thought it wasn’t “manly”.

Source: Koreaboo

7. Hyosung (Former member of SECRET)

Hyosung has been known as one of the sexy queens in K-Pop due to her naturally curvy figure. However, Hyosung shocked many when she revealed that she had lost some weight.

This caused some netizens to criticize her for changing her image.

Source: Koreaboo

8. Hani (EXID)

Hani is another idol that is quite well known for her curvy figure. When she decided to lose some weight, some netizens got a little disgruntled by her new appearance.

9. PSY

PSY might not count as an idol, but some netizens have lashed out at him in the past for losing some weight.