9 K-Pop Songs You Never Knew Were CHANGED, Because The Originals Were Too Sexual

These songs had to be changed because they were deemed too sexual to be broadcast on television!

1. Sunmi’s “Full Moon”

The choreography to Sunmi’s “Full Moon” is known to be extremely sexy.  Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the choreography was later changed to less provocative moves. This movement where Sunmi moves her hips…

…Was later changed to a movement where she simply squats down and doesn’t move her hips.

In addition, this dance…

…Was changed to this version.


2. Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”

Compared to the cute and upbeat feel of the song, Irene’s rap part where the members surround her and do a choreography on the floor seemed a little bit sexual.

The choreography with the members dancing on the floor was later removed.


3. SISTAR’s “So Cool”

One of the point dances of SISTAR’s “So Cool” was banned from being broadcast on public television. This move where they highlight their hips…

…Was changed to this version.


4. Jun Hyoseong’s “Into You”

This move in Jun Hyoseong’s “Into You” where the dancers touch her body was deemed too sexual. The dancers would actually touch her most private parts.

…And later changed to this move where they do not actually make contact with her body.


5. FIESTAR’s “One More”

Parts of FIESTAR’s “One More” lyrics had to be changed due to its suggestion of a threesome. The lyrics that went “let one of us in to our little room, one who knows how to do this right, now is perfect, one two three” was changed to “we do everything we need in a short time, you asked me to stay here all day, what did I prevent you from doing”.

Moreover, this dance move, which was deemed inappropriate…

…Was changed to a different choreography.

And this dance that involves the members kneeling in front of the male dancers…

…Was changed to all members standing up.


6. Hyomin’s “Nice Body”

This signature dance to Hyomin’s “Nice Body” where Hyomin moves her hips behind a pole facing backward…

…Was changed to the same move facing forward after some broadcasting stations deemed it inappropriate.


7. STELLAR’s “Vibrato”

This dance move from STELLAR’s “Vibrato”…

…Was “softened” down for the actual performance.


8. Tahiti’s “Love Sick”

Tahiti’s “Love Sick” choreography originally included a wrap dress that was taken off during the performance and thrown onto the stage.

The group later changed their performances to an outfit that doesn’t include the outer dress.


9. HELLOVENUS’s “Wiggle Wiggle”

The choreography to HELLOVENUS’s “Wiggle Wiggle” was also too sexy for some broadcasting stations.

So their choreography was changed to this version.