9 Looks From BTS That Need To Make A Comeback

Some of these looks haven’t been seen in years.

BTS has had a lot of iconic looks through the years, some of which are more frequently shown than others.

There are some looks from BTS that were iconic, but very shortlived. Here are 9 looks from BTS that need to make a comeback at some point.

1. Jhope’s forehead

2. Jungkook in beanies

3. Jimin’s red hair

4. Suga in beanies

5. Jin’s pink outfits

6. Suga in flannels

7. V’s blue hair

8. RM’s questionable outfits

9. Suga with his backward bandana

Bonus: J-Hope’s mask

Not sure how many ARMY‘s would be in favor of this, but the mask changes J-Hope‘s usual bright image. It’s also very iconic because it was a part of J-Hope’s early look.