9 MAMAMOO Outfits That Were Too Sexy For Critics To Handle

#5 garnered some of the strongest criticism.

MAMAMOO are known for their unapologetic attitudes and that bleeds into their outfit choices. While fans love whatever the group wears, some looks have garnered some direct and indirect criticism. Here are 9 outfits that were considered too sexy according to critics!

1. Hwasa at the 2018 MAMA Awards

Hwasa garnered mixed reactions for the super sexy latex outfit she wore during the 2018 MAMA Awards.


2. Solar’s Visible Thong

The visible thong trend has had mixed reactions but Solar looked absolutely sexy!

| @solarkeem/Instagram

3. Wheein in Super Short Shorts

Wheein always looks good when she shows off her legs!

4. Moonbyul’s Backwards Cap

When one thinks of sexy girl group outfits, usually they assume that they will be wearing something revealing. Moonbyul looked super sexy in her more masculine looks that sometimes garnered criticism for not being feminine enough.

5. Hwasa at 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon

Hwasa was criticized by netizens for this lingerie-inspired look.

6.  Solar at 4season F/W Concert

During this performance, Solar ripped her T-shirt off, exposing her bra and creating one sexy moment.

7. Moonbyul In A Suit

Going against what is expected always has mixed reactions but Moonbyul does what she wants!


8. Hwasa’s Special Performance With Loco

During her special performance with Loco, Hwasa wore what appeared to be a corset with extremely short silky bottoms.

9. Solar at 4Season S/S Concert

Solar stunned with this sexy bustier look.