9 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Red Velvet’s Joy Wore The Same Outfits But Served Totally Different Vibes

They’re both so stylish!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Joy are both multi-talented, fashionable queens!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Here are 9 times Jennie and Joy rocked the same looks but served totally different vibes!

1. Cute and comfy

Jennie and Joy both wore Wiggle Wiggle’s Pastel Patchwork pajama set, which costs ₩89,100 KRW (about $74.50 USD).

| @clumppy.by.wigglewiggle/Instagram

Jennie wore the pajamas in a set of Instagram photos that she took with her dogs, Kuma and Kai. Although Jennie looked cozy in her PJs, she also looked like a total baddie! She wore her pajama pants with an Alexander Wang crop top that showed off her toned stomach and made the comfy look seem ultra-stylish.

Joy wore the full pajama set in an Instagram story. While Jennie didn’t accessorize at all, Joy wore her pajamas with a simple pearl necklace. By wearing the full pajama set, she exuded homey, comfortable vibes. She looked as if she was ready to spend a lazy morning chilling at home with family or friends.

2. Goth girls

Jennie and Joy wore the same Alessandra Rich Silk Georgette Plastron blouse. The black blouse features a long, white, vintage-inspired collar.

Jennie wore the blouse with vinyl shorts during a photoshoot for Jalouse China. While the top added prim and proper, antique vibes to the look, her shorts added a modern, sexy vibe to the look.

She also wore the top in an ad for KBank, a banking group in Thailand. This time, she wore the top with a miniskirt. Jennie’s makeup in the KBank ad was much lighter than her makeup for her Jalouse China photoshoot. Her fresh-faced look added a refreshing vibe to her outfit.

Joy wore the same top in Red Velvet’s “Psycho” music video. Joy also wore the blouse with a miniskirt, but her overall styling seemed to be more vintage-inspired than Jennie’s, especially with the pearls she wore. Joy’s styling perfectly matched the vibe of the “Psycho” music video and fit the slightly spooky theme of the video.

3. Twinning in tweed

These two love Alessandra Rich! They both wore a matching tweed top and skirt from the brand.

Jennie wore the set in backstage photos that she posted on Instagram. She wore the entire matching set, including the jacket. Jennie served major classy vibes in her Alessandra Rich set. She looked like a hot CEO!

Joy also wore the set in Instagram photos. Joy didn’t wear the matching jacket, and her outfit had a more playful, summery vibe to it than Jennie’s. She posed on an all-yellow set, which highlighted the yellow tweed on her outfit.

4. Slaying in shirt dresses

Jennie and Joy both posted Instagram photos in an Alexander Wang white shirt dress.

Jennie posed in an office chair placed in front of a huge window in her shirt dress. Her shoulders were exposed and she wore sultry eye makeup, which added a sexy vibe to her look.

Joy posed in a comfy-looking chair while holding cute buttons up toward the camera. Her shoulders were less exposed than Jennie’s, and her makeup was lighter. While Jennie leaned into the sexy, alluring vibes of the shirt dress, Joy leaned into its more comfortable, refreshing vibes.

5. Lovely in lilac

Both Jennie and Joy looked great in an Acne Studios cable knit sweater!

Jennie wore the sweater during a photoshoot for W Korea. She paired the sweater with navy pants and topped her look off with a gorgeous red lip and dewy makeup. Jennie served major girl-next-door vibes in her Acne Studios sweater, and she looked amazing in this casual outfit!

Joy wore the same sweater during a photoshoot for UGG. She wore the sweater with a long skirt and posed with an UGG boot on her head. She accessorized with diamond earrings. Joy served professional-looking vibes in her sweater. She looked comfy, cute, and impeccably well-dressed.

6. Sexy in suits

Both Jennie and Joy slayed in a gorgeous Moon Choi suit!

Jennie wore the suit to the opening of the Jentle Home store. She wore her hair back in a ponytail and accessorized with Gentle Monster sunglasses. Jennie looked 100% red carpet ready in her suit! She looked exceptionally well-dressed and caught everyone’s eyes at the grand opening.

Joy wore the same suit during a photoshoot for Singles magazine. She wore her hair in a side braid with her bangs framing her face. Joy served high fashion vibes in the suit as she struck a powerful pose. She’s definitely cover star material!

7. We heart both these looks

Jennie and Joy both rocked a heart detail cable knit tank top by Ralph Lauren.

Jennie wore the tank top during an Instagram Live. She wore it over a white T-shirt and accessorized with a Chanel necklace. Jennie served adorable, comfy vibes during her Instagram Live, and she looked as stylish as ever!

Joy wore the same tank top in an Instagram post. She did not wear another shirt under the tank top, and she accessorized with a delicate necklace. Joy served cute girl-next-door vibes in her Ralph Lauren tank top, and she looked positively adorable!

8. Chanel cuties

Jennie and Joy wore the same Chanel pullover but in different colors.

Jennie wore the red version of the pullover to the airport. She accessorized with a black Chanel bag. Jennie looked cozy yet fashionable, and we have no doubt that she was one of the best-dressed people on her flight!

Joy wore the black version of the same pullover. She wore the pullover over jeans and accessorized with an adorable Chanel hair ribbon. Joy looked super cute in her Chanel sweater! She looked like the stylish girl next door.

9. Flawless in floral

Jennie and Joy both looked beautiful in a Forever 21 crop top!

Jennie wore the crop top in an Instagram post. She accessorized with a cute yellow gingham headband and finished her look off with winged eyeliner. Jennie served sophisticated yet youthful vibes in her adorable floral crop top.

Joy wore the same crop top in a photoshoot for the beauty brand Espoir. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings and posed in front of a bright yellow background. Joy served playful, summery vibes in her crop top, and she looked incredibly adorable!


Same Fit, Different Vibes