These 9 Trainees Could Be Part Of Big Hit Entertainment’s New Girl Group

Several trainees were announced to the public before Source Music merged with Big Hit Entertainment.

At Big Hit Entertainment’s corporate briefing on February 4, the company announced their plans to debut a new girl group under subsidiary label Source Music—and these formerly announced trainees could be part of it.

Source Music CEO So Sung Jin revealed that the worldwide “Plus Global Audition” project established in fall 2019 successfully recruited a number of trainees who will debut in the upcoming girl group as soon as 2021. Netizens have speculated that the group will be called PLUS, based both on the audition name and the hashtags used: #Playful, #Lovely, #Unique, and #Sassy.

Of course, the newly recruited members aren’t the only trainees Source Music has. After plans for a new girl group with Big Hit Entertainment was announced last year, it also came to light that Source Music ended its contracts with all the male trainees under the company. The female trainees, however, remained, so chances are at least a few of them will make it into the new girl group.

Curious about who those trainees might be? Here are 9 of the previously revealed Source Music girls who could be in the group.

1. Kim Yebin, born 2004

2. Park Joohyun, birth year unknown

Note: After Park Joohyun opened her own Instagram account, many Source Music followers have speculated that she may no longer be training under the company.

3. Byun Haein, born 2005

4. Jung Yoojin, born 2000

5. Lee Danbi, birth year unknown

6. Jo Hyebin, born 2001

7. Park Sebin, birth year unknown

8. Lee Rubina, born 2002

9. Ahn Nayoung, birth year unknown