Here Are 9 Pairs Of Then Vs. Now Gifs To Celebrate 9 Years With BTS’s Jimin

We love you Jimin!

On January 12th, 2013 BTS‘s Jimin was revealed as a member of BTS. It’s been 9 beautiful years with the “Filter” singer and ARMYs trended “Happy9YearsWithJimin” and “FOREVER WITH JIMIN” on Twitter to celebrate the “Promise” singer’s time with BTS and ARMY.

| @jiminiful/Twitter

Jimin had to work hard to prepare for BTS’s debut, and despite having the least amount of time to train, Jimin worked his butt off to make sure no one would be able to tell!

To celebrate Jimin’s 9th year anniversary, we’ve compiled 9 then vs. now gifs of Jimin to show how much he’s grown! Prepare to take a trip down memory lane…

1. Photoshoot Jimin


2. Concert Jimin


3. Award show Jimin


4. Drinks with Jimin


5. Music video Jimin


6. MAMA Jimin


7. Brand Ambassador Jimin


8. Livestream Jimin


9. Birthday Jimin


We hope you enjoyed these then vs. now comparisons of cutie, sexy, lovely Jimin! Make sure to check out more of what BTS has been up to below.

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