Here’s The Biggest Shopaholic In aespa—According To The Members Themselves

She’s the biggest (and most generous) spender! 🤑

Aespa promoted their latest single, “Next Level,” on MBC‘s Weekly Idol. They had a jam-packed day when they performed songs from their seniors in SM Entertainment, played a variety of games, and answered surprise questions.


In the latter segment, they were asked to pick a random board with the emblem of their choice. They had to match the description on it with the member who fit it best. Most of them were sweet, such as “the most whimsical member” and “my soulmate.” When it was Giselle‘s turn, however, she was asked: “Her balance must be zero forever. She’s a shopaholic.”

She didn’t hesitate when she chose none other than Ningning!

She’s really cool. She goes big.

— Giselle

The other members immediately knew what the category was about. Winter shared Ninging’s habit of immediately replacing her things after she loses them.

Someone who buys earphones right away when she loses a pair? She doesn’t look for it. She just buys a new one. If she finds it later, she just has two. Sometimes she ends up having three.

— Winter

Luckily for aespa, her big spending habits benefit those who receive her extra products!

She’s so nice that when I lose something, she gives me hers.

— Karina

When asked if she enjoys shopping, Ningning readily responded with, “I love it!”

Ningning | @aespa_official/Twitter
Source: YouTube