Here’s 10 ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jin and Suga’s “Butter” Teaser Photos

Works of art.

BTS has released their second set of individual teaser photos for their upcoming single, “Butter.” It features Jin and Suga, both dressed in all-white.

The boys left us shook with their stunning visuals, and ARMYs have been reacting on Twitter. Here are 10 of the best reactions…

1. Jin is called “Worldwide Handsome” for a reason

2. Suga took our breath away

3. The category is exposed forehead

4. Suga deserves all the hugs

5. Jin is a work of art

6. No thoughts. Just Suga.

7. Every time we look at Jin

8. See you next comeback, green-haired Suga 🥺

9. Morning routine

10. One time for the present, two times for the past

Check out ARMY reactions to Jungkook and RM’s teaser photos below:

Here’s 10 ARMY Reactions To BTS’s RM And Jungkook’s “Butter” Concept Photos

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