Here’s 10 ARMY Reactions To BTS’s RM And Jungkook’s “Butter” Concept Photos

Team Rocket?!

BTS have released their first set of individual teaser photos for their upcoming single “Butter.” The first two members are leader RM and maknae Jungkook rocking magenta and purple hair, respectively.

We all have a lot of feels upon seeing the two new photos. ARMYs took to Twitter to react. Here are 10 of the best reactions…

1. Jungkook’s signature head tilt never disappoints

2. Something familiar…

3. We love it too!

4. The fact that we got both of these Jungkooks in one day

5. We already know this Jungkook picture will be used in so many fanfictions

6. They’re both so handsome!

7. There’s something about RM kissing his ring…

8. Imagine this

9. Hear us out…

10. Jungkook might have an eyebrow piercing!

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