ARMYs Celebrate BTS’s 7th Anniversary By Trending #7ToEternityWithBTS, And These 15 Tweets Sum It Up

Happy 7th anniversary, BTS and ARMY!

BTS made their debut in the K-Pop world on June 13, 2013, making today their 7th anniversary. They celebrated with an hour long live show, and fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts and love for the group with the hashtag #7ToEternityWithBTS. Check out these 15 reactions that are extremely relatable and accurate, and do your best not to get too emotional going through all the memories that have been shared!

1. Try not to get emotional

2. Isn’t the future all ARMYs would want to see?

3. Who else can relate??

4. RM casually ruining everyone

5. Such a beautiful color with so much meaning

6. Big mood

7. Just look at this transformation!

8. How many people can relate?

9. This brings back memories

10. Everyone is so proud of these boys

11. They’ve really made such a positive impact on the world

12. They really make life a little easier when times are hard

13. We’re so glad they’re together!

14. Jungkook speaking the truth about RM

15. Keep on supporting these boys for another 7 years and an eternity to come!