ARMYs Want To See These Kind Of Seriously Epic “Run BTS!” Episodes

#3 would definitely be a hit!

BTS‘s own show, Run BTS! acts as a variety show much like Running Man, filled with lots of games and challenges and sometimes even special guest stars.

With such iconic moments from each episode, it’s not wonder why ARMYs love and miss it so much.

Here are some episode ideas ARMYs think would be a total hit for an episode!

1. Figure skating BTS

2. Jin can’t say J-Hope challenge

3. Everyone’s favorite ARMY: John Cena

4. BTS babysits

5. 7Fates: CHAKHO

6. A truly delicious pairing

7. BTS vs. ARMYs for merch

8. cat cafe adventures

9. BTS is so good with kids!

10. totally spies

Which one would you be most excited to watch?