17 Of The Best Moments From ATEEZ’s Phenomenal Concert In Chicago

ATEEZ really knows how to give their fans a great time!

Last night, ATEEZ kicked off the American leg of their The Fellowship: Beginning of the End world tour in Chicago, which over 10,000 ATINYs attended! Whether you were able to attend the concert or not, here are 17 moments that you’ll want to relive (or experience for the first time) from this amazing show!

1. When Wooyoung stopped dancing in order to grab a fan’s phone and give them the fancam of a lifetime.

2. When San shamelessly and adorably flirted with fans.

3. When Yunho began really feeling himself during “The Leaders”.

4. When even Yunho was captivated and impressed by Yeosang’s body roll.

5. When San and Mingi couldn’t contain their energy during the iconic B-side “To The Beat”.

6. When San couldn’t handle Wooyoung’s antics when he broke out into “Diamond”.

7. When ATINYs got to see the pure joy and happiness on Seonghwa’s face performing “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings”.

8. When San professed his love to ATINYs.

9. And when Seonghwa shared this sweet confession 🥺

10. When Seonghwa recreated his iconic moment from ATEEZ’s “Wonderland” performance on Kingdom: Legendary War with a sword.

11. When the entire audience screamed “ATEEZ present”!

12. The number of times Wooyoung got so close and interactive with the audience!

13. When Mingi, Jongho, and Wooyoung gave ATINYs whiplash with the duality in this performance.

14. When Wooyoung and Yeosang showed off their belly chains 👀

15. When Mingi and Yunho showed off their best friendship on stage ❤

16. When Hongjoong emotionally expressed his feelings for their fans.

17. And finally, when the members shared their loving and emotional ending messages for ATINYs.