17 Relatable Fan Reactions To ATEEZ’s Epic “Guerrilla” Music Video

Everything about the music video is incredible!

ATEEZ just dropped their latest album, The World EP.1: Movement, and the music video for its title track “Guerrilla”, on July 29. And needless to say, the group really went all-out for this comeback with just how epic and gorgeous the music video is.

Between the incredible music video and new, experimental sound from ATEEZ that they pulled off flawlessly, fans are understandably ecstatic over the release. Here are 17 reactions on social media that any ATINY will find relatable!

1. This is definitely real footage.

2. What a performance king!

3. If he isn’t your bias, he’s your bias wrecker.

4. Definitely relatable.

5. This was all of us!

6. Yunho looks so incredibly cool this comeback!

7. This scene was SO epic!!

8. Their music video producers know what they’re doing.

9. We love seeing Yeosang owning the screen!

10. We’d believe this is real 😂

11. This was such an incredible way to open the song!

12. These two make such a great pair!

13. This transition was perfect.

14. And such a handsome center he is!

15. The whole group own this concept 🙌

16. Their live stages for the show are beyond phenomenal.

17. Everyone needs to check out this incredible comeback!