Here Are 18 Best Moments From GOT7 BamBam’s Solo VLIVE You Can’t Miss

He answered fans’ questions, teased his new tattoo, and more!

GOT7‘s BamBam held his first live broadcast today since starting his own VLIVE channel. He spoke in multiple languages, including Thai, Korean, English, etc.

During the live broadcast, BamBam filled out a manual, answering questions about himself for his new company to get to know him better. He revealed some of his favorite things and answered fan questions.

Here are 18 of the best moments from BamBam’s first solo VLIVE that you can’t miss:

1. The way he began the live broadcast 🥺


2. He teased his new tattoo!

3. The story behind his iconic April Fools’ pranks

4. Bringing back his famous line

5. He revealed some of his favorite nicknames 🥺

6. Why he likes GOT7’s latest single “Encore”

7. BamBam is our bestie confirmed

8. BamBam might be surprising his members soon…

9. An Ahgase also suggested he not just surprise them but prank them!

10. BamBam know he fine 😏

11. He’s a fan of IU too!

12. BamBam’s current playlist

13. BamBam sang “Ngiti” which he previously sang at fanmeeting in the Philippines

14. He will forever be GOT7’s maknae 💚

15. He’s not a fan of GOT7’s Dream Knight

16. The cutest thing you’ll see all day 💚

17. This is not a surprising announcement

18. BamBam’s promise to Ahgase 💚

Source: BAMBAM, @@mochjiewang and @mindellay