Here Are The Top 9 Most Gorgeous Event Looks Worn By BLACKPINK’s Visual Goddess Jisoo

You will NOT believe how flawless she is in outfit #6. 😱

Jisoo of BLACKPINK doesn’t need much to enhance her natural beauty, but a glam outfit doesn’t hurt. Here are her top 9 most beautiful looks she wore to events and proved her title as a visual.

9. Jisoo rocks a Burberry blazer-and-skirt set.


8. Her pulled-back hair shows off her natural beauty.

7. Total fairy tale princess vibes.

6. Her thin figure is striking in a slim-fitting dress.

5. From the pearls to the Chanel earrings: It’s a yes.

4. Everything about this look is original, and somehow we can’t get enough.

3. She looks like a doll.

2. A bejeweled goddess.

1. This look has it all: It’s chic, polished, and sexy!