Here Are The Line Distributions Of All 8 Songs On BLACKPINK’s “The Album”

Did Jisoo finally get a fair amount of lines??

Most K-Pop fans know by now that BLACKPINK just dropped their first studio album, The Album. The album has 8 songs in total, which is a good amount of content for fans to look over and see what the line distributions are like for each member.

BLACKPINK is somewhat known for seeming to “favor” some members over others, so here’s a look at each song’s line distributions to see just how evenly they were distributed over this album!

1. “How You Like That”

Most: Lisa (29.6%)

2nd: Jennie (26.9%)

3rd: Rosé (24.6%)

4th: Jisoo (18.9%)

2. “Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez)

Most: Selena Gomez (28.6%)

2nd: Lisa (27.1%)

3rd: Jennie (20.7%)

4th: Jisoo (12.3%)

5th: Rosé (11.3%)

3. “Pretty Savage”

Most: Lisa (29.3%)

2nd: Jennie (26.5%)

3rd: Rosé (24.1%)

4th: Jisoo (20.1%)

4. “Bet You Wanna” (with Cardi B)

Most: Jennie (29%)

2nd: Rosé (26.7%)

3rd: Jisoo (18.1%)

4th: Cardi B (16.3%)

5th: Lisa (9.9%)

5. “Lovesick Girls”

Most: Rosé (32.2%)

2nd: Jennie (23.3%)

3rd: Lisa (22.5%)

4th: Jisoo (22%)

6. “Crazy Over You”

Most: Jennie (35.3%)

2nd: Jisoo (24.7%)

3rd: Rosé (21.6%)

4th: Lisa (18.3%)

7. “Love to Hate Me”

Most: Rosé (28.7%)

2nd: Lisa (28.1%)

3rd: Jennie (26.4%)

4th: Jisoo (16.8%)

8. “You Never Know”

Most: Jisoo (29.1%)

2nd: Rosé (26.7%)

3rd: Jennie (26.3%)

4th: Lisa (17.9%)

Total (not including featured artists):

Most: Jennie (26.8%)

2nd: Rosé (24.5%)

3rd: Lisa (22.8%)

4th: Jisoo (20.3%)

Even though their lines are totally even, their percentages aren’t terribly far apart, which is pretty good for this group that’s often known for uneven line distributions! Here is a little more data from these charts:

Number of songs each member had the most lines in:

Lisa: 2 songs

Jennie: 2 songs

Rosé: 2 songs

Jisoo: 1 song

Number of songs each member had the least lines in:

Jennie: 0 songs

Rosé: 1 song

Lisa: 3 songs

Jisoo: 4 songs

While it’s too bad Jisoo still had the least amount of lines overall, she still got a pretty fair amount in relation to the other members.