21 Times Lisa’s Duality Made Us Feel Really Soft And Then Attacked AF

Lisa’s duality is a mystery we don’t think will ever be solved:

If there’s one mystery that nobody has been able to solve, it’s the duality of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. One moment she can make you feel all soft and warm inside and the next she’ll set you on fire and make you feel incredibly flustered. While the mystery remains unsolved to this day, why not sit back and enjoy some photos of Lis that will make you feel soft one minute and flustered af the next!


1. Exhibit A: Lisa’s “Kill This Love” teaser


2. Exhibit B: Lisa snuggling with her kitty


3. When she goes from hot damn…


4. To aww!


5. When one look will kill you…


6. And then one smile will soothe your soul!


7. When she does something deadly like this on stage


8. And yet, she does this too!


9. When her dance moves are almost too hot to handle


10. But you don’t have to worry about getting burned because she’ll come back at you with this


11. How Lisa can go from making us feel like we’re short of breath…


12. To making us feel like the sun has finally appeared, we’ll never know!


13. She’ll leave you feeling like you’ve got a couple rounds in the boxing ring…


14. Yet she can also make you feel like your the biggest winner in the world too!


15. She’ll hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du


16. But how can she make it so cute too?


17. She attacks with her fierceness…


18. And with her cuteness too!


19. When she dances the world comes to a stop…


20. No matter how adorable the moves!


21. And then there’s this gif that will take you through every stage! What a crazy ride!