BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wanted A Copy Of Only One “Youth With You” Trainee’s Video

Here’s why she picked her.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the beloved dance mentor of IQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You.

Like any true teacher, she is strict but helpful during practice.

With time and hard work, the girls are slowly gaining her approval.

However, there was only one trainee that really stood out to Lisa during the theme song evaluation of “Yes, Ok!”

Esther Yu, known as a “happy pill” in the show, made the idol burst into laughter at her energetic dance.

She even ended the performance with a self-confident, “I’m awesome. I did it right, didn’t I?”

At the end of the video, Lisa asked the filming crew for a special request.

Can you actually send the video to me?

– Lisa

It was Esther’s bright energy that made the performance memorable for Lisa.

I feel like when I’m down, I need to see this video.

– Lisa

The trainee was initially known as a Lisa fangirl, thus making the idol’s comments even more significant to her.

Esther is currently ranked first place in Youth With You.

Source: IQIYI