12 Cutest Interactions Between BLACKPINK And Treasure That Everyone Should See

#4 is giving proud older sister vibes!

As labelmates of YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK and TREASURE have the cutest sibling-like relationship! Check out some of their most wholesome moments together below.

1. Asahi’s unique talent that the girls still found charming

2. Jisoo calling Jihoon’s speeding care impression “shameless” 😂

3. Hyunsuk’s aegyo collectively making everyone scream

4. Jennie’s proud smile during Jihoon and Hyunsuk’s greeting

5. Lisa and Haruto shaking the world with their TikTok challenge

6. Rosé and Jihoon during R era

7. When Lisa gave Jihoon her solo album LALISA and he revealed their interactions

8. Hyunsuk’s iconic interpretation of Lisa’s “Pretty Savage” performance

9. Hyunsuk’s gratitude for Lisa when she congratulated them on their debut

10. Rosé singing “Wayo”

11. Rosé’s appearance in the “Wayo” Spoiler Interview

12. Yoshi, Junkyu, Doyoung, Asahi, and Hyunsuk’s version of “Pink Venom”