BTS ARMYs Name The 7 Fastest Things In The World

#2 is iconic. 🤣

Each of the BTS members have their own unique quirks and habits that ARMYs love. From live streams to rapping, things can get…fast. Check out 7 of the fastest things in the world, according to fans!

1. Suga’s rap skills

Obviously, all ARMYs knows about his impressive tongue technology!

2. Jungkook’s running speed in Run BTS!

Even the cameraman is no match for his sprinting.

3. J-Hope liking posts on Instagram

He gets to all the members’ photos before you can even open the app.

4. Jin’s aggressive rapping

Bonus points for Jin’s aggressive cooking directions.

5. V’s livestreams

We have all seen the dreaded “LIVE has ended” screen before!

6. RM replying to fans on Weverse

He makes quick work of 20+ comments at a time!

7. Jimin censoring cuss words

You’ll (almost) never catch him slipping.

Watch the full video below!