Here Are 9 Things That New ARMYs Might Not Know About BTS

If you remember #2, you’re an OG fan!

Before the BTS members became global legends, they came from humble beginnings. Check out some of the things that new fans might not know about their past!

1. Before there was a Run BTS!, there was a Bangtan Gayo.

Yes, it was just as chaotic as it looks!

2. The members actually participated in the Harlem Shake challenge.

The rest of us can hide our videos forever, but the BTS version will never be forgotten!

3. They all went to America…and learned to twerk.

The techniques could use some work, but it’s the effort that counts!

4. J-Hope wasn’t fond of doing aegyo prior to debut.

However, he decided to change his ways to show ARMY’s his charms!

5. The first dorm the members lived in together was tiny and cramped.

They all slept in the same room and some even slept on the floor.

6. BTS had a reputation for slaying the Idol Star Athletic Championships.

Specifically, nobody could outrun them in any of the track and field events!

7. Jimin’s old contemporary dance videos are out there for the world to see.

The BTS members had a big reaction when watching his stunning performance.

8. Rapper Jungkook was totally a thing.

We need more of it ASAP!

9. V was a hidden member and not revealed until debut.

It was hard for him to be kept a secret, but he was certainly worth the wait!