15 Of The Thirstiest Reactions To BTS’s “Butter” MV Teaser

“Butter” just turned up the heat.

Today, BTS released the teaser for their upcoming “Butter” music video. After getting a taste, fans are hungry for more…and maybe a little thirsty too? From the members’ rockstar outfits to their killer charisma, ARMYs are ready to risk it all for BTS!

BTS | HYBE Labels/Youtube

1. Hello, fire department?

2. When people ask us why we’re single:

3. This is all we need to know

4. Blonde J-Hope hits differently

5. Who is the criminal mastermind behind this?

Explain yourself!

6. It’s all fun and games until RM flexes.

7. Aggressive bopping? It’s his thing.

8. This breaking news

9. His gum? Fictional. Our pain? Real AF.

10. So long, Superman!

11. Big Hit, we’d like to have a word…

12. He’s always at the top of his class

Can we enroll in this class? Asking for a friend…

13. The question of the year

14. There will be no mercy, only suffering.

15. In conclusion…

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