BTS As Error Messages: The Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed

Recharge with these technologically dysfunctional BTS memes.

Is your system down? Do you need recharging? Then upgrade your day with these BTS as error messages!

1. RM’s lost passport

2. When J-Hope accidentally called Jimin “JK”

3. Stay in your lane

Or should I say, “stay on your server”?

4. Nice try, “Jin Hit”

5. Jungshook.exe

6. When “avatar” V told Jin to be quiet

7. RM’s handshakes

8. “Dimple” aka “Illegal”

9. Every time Jin tries to take a selfie

10. Suga’s mic drop moment

11. Every time someone tries to get away with plagiarizing BTS:

12. Big Hit Entertainment: “Take a normal group photo.”


13. Let’s try that again…

For more, install Jungkook.exe. Warning: May crash unexpectedly.

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