Here Are 20 Hilariously Adorable BTS GIFs You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Try not to laugh at #4.

Check out these 20 rare BTS moments that will definitely make you laugh as much as you’ll go “Awwww.”

1. “Hyung, pay attention to me.”

2. Any time is a good time to practice your ballet skills.

3. This is actually not in slow-mo.

4. Bun-kook is as intimidating as he is fluffy.

5. This is the face you make at your friend when you both mess up.

6. His eyes doubled in size as soon as he sees the chocolate.

7. Someone stop his madness.

8. The way he played it off deserves an A+ for effort.

9. Happy puppy becomes annoyed puppy.

10. “I just don’t fit in with the other kids, mom.”

11. Everyone knows this is a disaster waiting to happen.

12. This is how it feels when a piece of slimy seaweed touches your foot.

13. If RM does it, you should probably do it, too.

14. Betrayal in a GIF.

15. For two men in a puppy and banana costume, they’re trying their best to take each other seriously.

16. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles look different here.

17. He pout.

18. RM raised him well.

19. Two fluffy humans — that are surprisingly not in Kindergarten.

20. Eye contact in 5, 4, 3–