10 Things Only BTS Could Get Away With Doing At 2019 GDA

BTS were up to their usual shenanigans at the 2019 Golden Disk Awards.

The 33rd Golden Disc Awards have come and gone, and BTS have given their fans many new moments to talk about. Some moments show just how sweet and kind these world stars are. Other moments are so silly that only BTS could get away with creating them!


1. When BTS carried Suga onto the stage like he a VIP, while acting as his bodyguards


2. When V put this water bottle in his mouth while dancing


3. When RM and Jimin just had to dance to Stray Kids’ cover of BIG BANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”…


4. …and so did Jin.


5. When Rapper V made his own makeshift microphone, and J-Hope got his groove on


6. When Jungkook teased this interviewer in the cutest possible way


7. When Jimin volunteered to turn Jin into a human pretzel


8. When Jin attended this 1-person dance party


9. When Jin emphatically refused to give V a kiss, no matter how much ARMY wanted it…


10. ..but did this instead.