17 Times BTS Were Extra AF In America

BTS makes sure to pack their goofy side every time they visit the US.

1. When they demonstrated their “FAKE LOVE” choreography…while sitting down.

Jimin said that since the dance was still a secret, they couldn’t reveal the details…

…but J-Hope nailed it.


2. When they gave each other weird compliments.

“I love your sexy brain.” — Jin

“I love your elbow.” — J-Hope


3. When they applauded a puppy for peeing.

When a puppy peed during BTS‘s Buzzfeed interview, the members didn’t react the way other (normal) people might react. Instead of shouting “ew!” while moving out of pee puddle range, they said things like “wow!” and “cool!”.

V thought the puppy’s accident was adorable!


4. Every time Jin shamelessly called himself “Worldwide Handsome”

“When I go to the store, my fans [say] ‘Worldwide Handsome!]. I enjoy. Yeah, I’m Worldwide Handsome.” — Jin


5. When J-Hope and Jin danced to Britney Spears.


6. When Jin chose his entire face as his “favourite feature”.


7. When Jimin said, “I love my everything.”

Not to be outdone, Jimin chose his “everything” as his own favourite physical feature.


8. When they showed off their best red carpet poses.


9. When J-Hope summed up “Airplane Pt. 2” in one move.

When Billboard brought up J-Hope‘s solo song “Airplane” and its sequel, “Airplane Pt. 2”, J-Hope struck this pose to express his pride in the songs.


10. When Jungkook’s hunger got the best of him.

Jungkook completely forgot about the interview once he saw this plate of food.

He tried to be patient…

…but failed miserably.


11. When Jimin stroked RM’s neck.

When RM said his skin was his favourite feature, Jimin just had to see what was so great about it.


12. When Jin asked an interviewer to touch his face.

After this interviewer complimented BTS’s flawless skin, Jin asked her if she wanted to touch his…so she did!


13. When J-Hope called “FAKE LOVE” “lit”.

When AMP 97.1 asked BTS how they would introduce “FAKE LOVE” to a radio audience, J-Hope summed it up in one word: lit. RM’s reaction is priceless!


14. When they did this Ed Sheeran acapella cover.


15. When J-Hope accompanied V with air guitar.


16. When Jungkook and Jimin serenaded each other with One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”.


17. When nearly everyone failed Radio Disney’s “So Happy” challenge.

The point of this game was to make the sitting person laugh.

With the exception of Suga, none of the members could keep a straight face.

RM claimed to be a very serious person then burst out laughing.

Jimin cracked up almost immediately…

…and so did Jin.

V was doing well until Jungkook chimed in…

…but J-Hope couldn’t be stoic if his life depended on it.