10 Reasons Why BTS’s J-Hope Is An Angel From Above

Here are just 10 of the many reasons why we love him so much.

J-Hope‘s birthday is coming up on February 18, and in honor of “J-Hope Day” here are 10 reasons why he is truly an angel sent from above!


1. Like his stage name suggests, J-Hope brings happiness and hope to millions of people all over the world

“I’m your hope. I’m your angel. J-Hope!”

— J-Hope


2. He made a conscious effort to become a more positive person who brings joy to others

In the past, both J-Hope and his members have talked about how much he has changed to become the bubbly, mood-maker we know today. J-Hope made the choice to become everything that “J-Hope” means by striving to live his life with positivity.


3. He’s always willing to put in extra time to help out his struggling members

According to RM, J-Hope shares about half of his leadership responsibilities, and that includes looking after the members.

J-Hope often takes on the role of BTS’s dancer teacher and helps each member to nail the nuances of their choreographies.


4. He never takes his success for granted and always strives to improve his skills

Just when you think J-Hope’s skills can’t become any more spectacular, they do. Over and over again. For a perfectionist like J-Hope, there’s always room for improvement, even though he’s one of the best dancers on today’s K-Pop scene.


5. He is a role model who inspires many, including aspiring dancers and trainees

When J-Hope guested as “Teacher Hobi” on Under Ninteen, the trainees couldn’t be more thrilled. They let J-Hope know just how much they look up to him, and were excited to learn more from him.


6. He is kind to all living creatures

J-Hope has a gentle soul, and he’s proved it many times by being kind to nature’s creatures, including V‘s dog Yeontan.

He even tried to protect a flower!


7. He is always there to help his members get through their toughest times, whether that means offering a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on


8. He sincerely loves ARMY and is truly grateful for all the support his fans give him


9. He has the brightest smile the world has ever seen


10. His angelic aegyo will always make your day 200% better!