Dispatch Drops 20+ HD Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of BTS’s J-Hope Looking Hot AF At Lollapalooza

The man you are today, Hobi! 🔥

BTS‘s J-Hope shows off his handsome visuals during Lollapalooza in some brand new photos from Dispatch. Check out the gorgeous pics below!

1. He’s totally model material.

J-Hope thinks he’s a squirrel, but we’re convinced he’s a deer in these photos!

2. He’s overflowing with the coolest charisma backstage.

Half rockstar + Half hiphopper = 100% badass!

3. Try not to fall into J-Hope’s piercing gaze.

Side effects include, but are not limited to, falling madly in love with him.

4. He’s the definition of “hot like summer.”

Yeah, he’s making you sweat like that!

5. These stunning black-and-white portraits belong in a museum.

Is he a human or a work of art?