Here Are 10 Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin’s “Big And Little Bro” Friendship

Only they would do #8. 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin are just like brothers — They room together, play nonstop, and are always there for each other. Check out 10 of their cutest moments where they seemed like real-life brothers!

| @bangtan.offical/Facebook

1. Jimin laying on J-Hope when he’s trying to focus

Little brothers always have to annoy their big brothers. It’s a rule.

2. J-Hope squeezing Jimin with all his love

However, big brother Hobi can deal it right back to him!

3. Jimin falling on J-Hope when he laughs

Some people have a big teddy bear…and some lucky people have J-Hope!

4. Playing around at all times

They’re two peas in a pod.

5. Goofing around on stage

Jimin has a much better view of the crowd this way.

6. When J-Hope asks for a hug back…

…the answer is always yes!

7. When you spend so much time with each other, you start to act the same.

Talented, sweet, and handsome twins!

8. When you’re trying to keep your little bro warm

One jacket is enough for both of them!

9. They’re always there to cheer each other up

When one feels sad, the other is right there cheering him up.

10. Nothing is more special than their adorable bond.

Roommates for life!