10 Times BTS’s Editors Were Ready To Risk It All For Jimin

The Jimin Effect is real.

Even BTS‘s editors aren’t immune to “The Jimin Effect!” From Run BTS! to Bon Voyage, the editors are falling for Jimin’s handsome looks and endless charms.

Jimin | @callmechimchim/Twitter

1. When V Live became “V Dead”

| V Live

Cause of death? Jimin’s cuteness!

| V Live

2. Falling in love

When J-Hope joked about falling for Jimin, the editors had just one question.

| Bon Voyage 4/Weverse

3. Prince of Tennis

To the Run BTS! editors, everything Jimin does is adorable…

| Run BTS!/V Live


| Run BTS!/V Live

4. This editor’s favorite perfume

Where can I buy this and how much does it cost?

| V Live

5. Selective censorship

The editors might have well had said, “Jimin is for our eyes only!”

6. “My heart will go on…”

The Run BTS! editors made this Titanic scene even funnier by adding blushing Jimin faces as censor emojis.

| Run BTS!/V Live

7. Mr. Fairy, our angel

This editor wasn’t shy about giving Jimin nicknames…

| V Live

…or rewriting the dictionary for him.

| V Live

8. New Zealand will never be the same

Jimin added even more beauty to the picturesque scenery.

| Bon Voyage 4/Weverse

9. He’s a…what?

Why compare Jimin to one fluffy friend, when you can choose two?

10. Perfect man

The editors bring facts and only facts to every single show.

| Run BTS!/V Live

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