BTS’s Jimin Might Just Be More Clumsy Than RM — Here Are 6 Pieces Of Evidence

He keeps managing to hurt himself in odd ways.

BTS‘s Jimin is most well-known for his incredibly graceful dancing. He trained extensively in contemporary dance, making his movements elegant and captivating for all who watch him.

However, sometimes even the seemingly most graceful people can have a clumsy side! While Jimin can seem to move perfect and flawlessly on-stage, off-stage is a different story. He seems to have a knack for unintentionally hurting himself, putting him in competition against RM for being BTS’s most clumsy member! Here are 6 pieces of evidence to support that claim.

1. Sometimes it’s not even clear how he hurts himself.


While it’s evident that Jimin hurt his arm here, it’s kind of hard to tell how exactly he managed to do it! Who knew just adjusting your shirt could cause such pain?

2. He doesn’t know his own strength.


Who else but Jimin could hit their own chest hard enough to hurt themselves? Apparently he was unaware of his own strength and accidentally patted himself a little too hard!

3. Another example of his strength.


Once again, Jimin tries to just simply clap his hands together, but he underestimated the force he would generate and ended up making his hands sting from the impact! Someone needs to remind him of his powerful body.

4. What’s even going on here?


It’s hard to tell how exactly he hurt himself in this gif, but something about the mic made him flinch! It looks like maybe he hit the mic at an angle where he knocked it against his teeth, poor guy.

5. He forgets how hard metal is.


Even though Jungkook doesn’t seem to be phased by hitting the metal bell, Jimin manages to it his knuckles against it in a way that clearly hurt his hand.

6. This iconic moment.


Most fans of BTS have probably seen this moment repeatedly by now, but it never gets old! Jimin miscalculating his seat and flinging himself unintentionally off of it was embarrassing for him at the time, but hopefully he can laugh about it as much as fans do now.

Source: Kpopmap