6 Times BTS’s Jimin Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

He has trended online for some surprising and unusual reasons.

BTS‘s Jimin is always a trending topic, but there are times when he has gone viral for the most unexpected reasons.


1. When he became “The Blonde Guy with the Silver Jacket” at the AMAs

At the 2017 American Music Awards, people just could not stop talking about how handsome Jimin looked with his beautiful blonde hair and his shiny Saint Laurent silver jacket. Viewers around the world searched for more info about Jimin, making him one of the top trending tags online at the time.


2. When he took over the world in 7 seconds

On September 7, 2018, a fan shared a 7-second video of Jimin from BTS’s concert in Los Angeles. In it, Jimin gazes out at his audience with twinkling eyes. The clip quickly went viral and even caught the attention of people outside of the K-Pop community.


3. When #PinkJimin was all anyone was talking about

When Jimin revealed his new pink hair at BTS’s Nagoya concert, #PinkJimin rose to the worldwide trends, surpassing 1 million Tweets during the performance. The hashtag trended in 56 countries around the world including Canada, the US, Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Korea, and Japan.


4. When his “Nevermind” tattoo sparked a neverending “real or not” debate

When fans first caught a glimpse of Jimin’s torso tattoo, many thought it was a temporary tattoo referencing his legendary, tattooed performance at 2014 MAMA. After months of debating though, we’re now almost 100% convinced that it’s real. Almost…


5. When a BTS fan pranked her dad with a barrage of Jimin photos

Earlier this month, one dedicated fan pulled a Jimin-themed prank on her dad, who had had just about enough of his daughter’s BTS obsession. The story, which involved her putting Jimin photos all over her family’s home, was covered by many media outlets, bringing Jimin’s name into the mainstream news.


6. That time when he had no idea why he was trending

Jimin began trending worldwide at the beginning of 2018, and he had no idea why. ARMYs decided to celebrate Jimin’s talents and personality without any special reason, such as a holiday or birthday.