9 Reasons Why Jin’s “Hidden Dimples” Should Be Illegal

His worldwide handsome face has a deadly, hidden charm.

BTS‘s Jin is blessed with dashing good looks, but his “hidden dimples” are particularly charming. So charming, in fact, that they should be–like the song says–illegal! Here are nine 100% scientific reasons why.


1. It’s just not fair.

On top of being talented, hilarious, sharp as a tack, good-natured, and wealthy, Worldwide Handsome Jin is unbelievably handsome. The fact that he has hidden dimples, a charm that makes him even more attractive, is too much. Leave some for the rest of us!


2. Jin’s dimples make his duality even deadlier. Without warning, they strike, ambushing ARMY with lethal cuteness…


3. …and fatal levels of sexiness.


4. WARNING: Too hot to touch!


5. They draw far too much attention to his beautiful lips. Whether Jin’s eating soup…


6. …or snacks…


7. …his stans probably aren’t thinking about food!

8. These dimples are dangerous. Period. They really should be outlawed…


9. …but do we want them to be?