16 Of BTS Jin’s Most Outrageous But True Quotes

These are some of his most “leJINdary” words.

Nobody ever knows what to expect when BTS‘s Jin opens his mouth, but his wittiness, charm, and sassiness always make fans smile. Here are just some of his most leJINdary quotes to date!


1. Big Hit’s budget

2. Is this modesty?


3. This cold, hard fact…


4. …and this blatant lie

5. Blaming the lighting


6. No exaggeration whatsoever

7. Patience level: zero


8. The real flower


9. The only 10


10. No need for honesty


11. This questionable menu


12. Priorities


13. Rich beggars


14. This savagery


15. This home remedy


16. It’s only fair