Here Are 10 Extremely Relatable Reactions To BTS Jin’s Flawless McDonald’s Concept Photo

#3 is a mood. 😂

For the new BTS and McDonald’s collaboration, the fast-food chain is dropping stunning concept photos for each member. Jin‘s newly-released photo, captioned “Jin checking in, still handsome,” has ARMYs utterly smitten. Check out 10 of the best fan reactions below!

| @McDonalds/Twitter

1. There are two sides to this man.

Which one do you prefer?

2. Let’s be honest: No one was surprised.

We can spot those shoulders from a mile away.

3. All men do is lie.

Kim Seokjin is the definition of duality.

4. Wait…there’s a product?

Surprisingly, Jin isn’t the only thing on the menu.

5. Perhaps we’re a bit flustered.

If Jin doesn’t make you shy, then no one will.

6. Jin doesn’t need potatoes.

Potatoes need Jin.

7. Let’s stop for a moment and appreciate this beautiful hair color.

There is nothing like a soft, caramel brown hairstyle on him.

8. Yes, we can all agree on this.

Understandably, we’re only referring to him as “Worldwide Delicious” from now on!

9. Did you expect anything less than perfection?

Face, eyes, lips, nose, hair, personality… he’s got it all.

10. This was all of us when this picture popped up.

Speechless, but grateful!

Check out the reactions to RM’s teaser photo below.

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