5 Reasons Why BTS Jungkook’s Cameraman Deserves A Raise

It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it!

Not all heroes wear capes. Some carry cameras and wonder why they ever agreed to chase BTS‘s Jungkook around! Here are 5 reasons why Jungkook’s hardworking camera directors deserve raises.


1. The cardio class they didn’t sign up for

Who needs a gym when you’re getting paid to keep up with the Golden Maknae? In Episode 87 of Run BTS!, Jungkook gave his cameraman the workout of a lifetime while running away from his members.

2. Stairmaster? More like “Stair Disaster Waiting To Happen”.

Running is tiring enough, but have you ever tried running down a precarious flight of cement stairs at night while carrying a camera? This guy has.

3. Is “panic pay” a thing? It should be.

At one point, Jungkook accidentally left ditched his cameraman and vanished into the night. The show’s editors chronicled the poor man’s struggle with these captions:

| Run BTS!/Weverse
| Run BTS!/Weverse
| Run BTS!/Weverse

4. Where did he go now?!

That isn’t the only time Jungkook disappeared. During Bon Voyage 4 in New Zealand, Jungkook went for a hike…without telling the staff.

This cameraman had to start his morning by hiking up a hill. He could be heard panting in the background, most-likely regretting his life decisions.

It turns out that Jungkook went all the way up there to bring back a slab of icy snow for Jimin. That’s great for Jimin, but for the cameraman? Not so much!

5. Employee or playmate?

Jungkook loves to get silly cameras — no matter who is holding them! Whether it’s boxing…


…or just being too adorable for words, BTS’s camera directors have to hold their cameras steady without bursting into laughter or “awwing” over the members. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!