10 Things Designed By BTS’s Jungkook That Prove How Insanely Talented He Is

He makes #6 look so effortless!

BTS‘s Jungkook is an artist in every sense of the word. From video editing to painting, he loves to be creative and try new things. Check out 10 things designed by Jungkook that were so good, we had to do a double take!

1. The mask he designed for the BTS Exhibition 24/7=Serendipity

As J-Hope said, Jungkook definitely has a flair for the arts!

2. His unique and thoughtful choices for his Artist-Made collection merch

The stunning ARMYST Hoodie features his own logo, a variety of colors, and an asymmetrical cut with a raw edge.

Additionally, the Mikrokosmos Mood Lamp is a speaker with BTS’s logo and projects a stunning array of colors.

3. When he became a fashion designer in Run BTS!

Most members went the comedic route when creating outfits for each other, but Jungkook proved his talent is endless with this cool look for J-Hope.

4. The head piece idea he designed for Maple Story

The members commented that it looked so professional, it was ready to go into the game.

5. When he custom designed some sneakers for J-Hope’s birthday

The thoughtful gift showed he can really do anything!

6. Painting some art during In The Soop

He makes it look easy…

…but we all know it’s not!

7. Designing Cooky for BT21

He tried many ideas, but ended up with a great design!

8. Sketching on a whiteboard backstage

Only Jungkook could make this without even trying.

9. BTS merch featuring his drawing of each member

His doodles came to life!

10. His entrance art for the exhibition

He decided to turn his piece into a clock set for 9:01, which represents September 1st, his birthday.