10+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Made Friends (And Enemies) With Inanimate Objects

He talked to them like they’re people.

BTS‘s Jungkook has a cute habit of talking to the inanimate objects in his life. Some are friends, others not so much!

1. The camera that refused to do its job

During a live broadcast, Jungkook’s camera kept losing focus. After fighting with it multiple times, he said, “I mean, why is it losing focus? Why are you like this? Excuse me! Come on…” 

2. The “lukewarm” glue guns

Whenever Jungkook crafts, his glue guns take their sweet time heating up…

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

…and he calls them out on it!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive 

3. Betrayed by bouncy balls

Jungkook couldn’t get a stamp from the staff until he successfully landed a bouncy ball in a bucket without it bouncing back out. This was easier said than done!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

4. His gym buddies

Jungkook made new “friends” at BTS’s vacation home In the SOOP. 

| In the SOOP/Weverse

5. This murderous blanket

Jungkook made inanimate friends on In the SOOP, but he made enemies too. This electric blanket was way too hot!

| In the SOOP/Weverse

6. That time he got into a fight with a washing machine

In Malta, Jungkook struggled with a washing machine to the point where he muttered, “How stupid“, in frustration, and asked it, “Are you ready?” 

7. Why so dull?

Jungkook scolded the knife that stood between him and his dinner.

| In the SOOP/Weverse

8. A conversation with his “stylist”

Jungkook could have been giving instructions to himself or to the hair dye when he said this.

9. When he apologized to an umbrella

He told it how sorry he was.

| In the SOOP/Weverse

10. When he asked a tennis ball where it was going

Where are you going? Do you have plans after practice? Let’s hang out.

11. *Googles “how to be this harmonica”*